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Caffeinated and Opinionated

If you have stumbled upon my blog , welcome you are now my subject dear, dear friend. If you haven’t noticed by the title I am highly hyped on coffee and enjoy regaling my thoughts and opinions. Surprisingly I am interested in both entertainment news(celebrities, movies, TV and books) as well as current affairs (politics , war and natural disasters). So if you’re interested in either or both you have found your home oh, and I might also add in a few tips and advice but I am in no way qualified to give it so , follow with caution. With all the formalities out of the way , let the games begin.


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MY TOP 10 – #1

My Top 10 will basically be a weekly post in which I tell you my top 10 of random stuff.

So I will start off with books.


10) Beautiful – Amy Reed
9) The Body Finder Series – Kimberly Derting
8) Live Through This – Mindi Scott
7) Rumour Has It – Jill Mansell
6) The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins
5) The Harry Potter Series – J.K Rowling
4) Skin Deep – Laura Jarratt
3) The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
2) You Deserve Nothing – Alexander Maksik
1) The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

And that’s that.
The top 5 are books that I strongly recommend you read if you haven’t already. 🙂

Sincerely, Adolescent.


So, I’m back.

Most of my time spent away from blogging was sacrificed to school and reading; generally being really nerdy and unsociable.

But anywho, here I am and if I remember correctly, the last time I blogged was in May, and that seems like a century ago.

I do apologise if any of you actually missed my daily ramblings and don’t feel bad if you didn’t, because I’ve come to accept the invisibility of my existence to some people.

So what have I been up to?

Well nothing really worth describing except I wrote my mid year exams and did fairly well, as per usual, my two highest marks were in Drama (95% on the dot) and English (88%, one percent below the highest in my class, may I ever so subtly add).

I also got a new phone! I have finally ditched the old BlackBerry and moved on to better and greener pastures with a new iPhone. And I must admit, the first time I held it I realised what my mother felt when she held me on the day I was born. True joy and relief too, because if you’ve ever had a BlackBerry, you’d know about that stupid little black clock that literally puts your entire life on hold.

I’ve done a bit of reading too and my next blog is currently sitting in my drafts, waiting to be edited because I feel like my review of the book will never be good enough and I’m just generally not satisfied with my expression on how exceptionally brilliant and perfect the book is. You’ll just have to guess what it is for now…

Last week Monday was my first day back at school after mid year holidays and needless to say, I’m having a tough time getting back into the swing of things. My brain is still waking up from it’s 3 week slumber party in my head.

So that’s about it.

OH WAIT. In the time between May and today, I reached 1000 followers on my personal Twitter account, which being apart of the M Generation (i.e the Media Generation), is a great achievement for me.

If you’d like to follow me on there you can do so at

It would be much appreciated 🙂

Anyway, I have to go write a literature essay for English entitled, ‘What Does It Take to be a Good Leader’ and I have to write it with reference to Ralph, Piggy and Jack in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.


Sincerely, Adolescent.

Me, Right Now

There are 7 billion people in this world, whom I have not met, and 195 countries I have not visited.
Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town, being pressured into making decisions about my future, when I barely even know who I am.

Sincerely, Adolescent.

My Brief Hiatus

Hello, hello, hello!

Well, as you all may have noticed (or not) I haven’t posted anything in a while.
Its because for the past 2 weeks school has been so hectic that when I think back on everything I’ve done, it’s all a blur.
Like for example, this past week I had the following tests and assignments:
– English literature essay on Twelfth Night : Shakespeare.
– Afrikaans (a pointless language that’s spoken in South Africa because its spoken no where else in the world) prepared reading.
– Afrikaans literature test.
– Maths trigonometry exercises.
– Geography mapwork test.
– Dramatic Arts practical assessment.
– Biology oral on thalasaemia.

So there you go. That’s been my life recently.
OH WAIT. I forgot to mention that I also got my mid-year exam timetable.
Now I’m scared because its only 26 days away and the amount of work I have to revise is unbefreakinglievable.
I’ve also decided to enter the Douglas Livingstone Poetry and Short Story competition and my English teacher wants my entry in by tomorrow and I haven’t started.
REASON: My best friends 16th birthday shindig was yesterday.
And I’m lazy so I didn’t do it earlier.

I need a break. Seriously.

Sincerely, Adolescent.

The Success Indicator

Everyday Power Blog


In this post we look at some of the characteristics between successful and unsuccessful people. These distinctions help us cultivate behaviors that promote happiness, success, gratitude, motivation, achievement and overall positivity!
Let’s get right to it!
We are what we say, show, do and feel. How we stand, the tone in our voice, our levels of energy – all represent how we ‘show up‘ in the world. How we carry ourselves is how the world see us, but most importantly how we see ourselves.
Upon seeing this image I had the following questions:
What are some of our most frequent words and phrases?
What are we showing ourselves, our family, and the world on a regularly basis?
How do we feel most often?
What are we spending our time on?
How do we solve problems?
These might seem like small things, but all of these things add up…

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A Name

A couple minutes ago I got the idea to write this post and now I’m just beginning to realise how difficult it actually is to describe this name I use so often.

I mean impossible in every sense of the word, but I’ll give it a go.

Here are a list of adjectives to describe it, off the top of my head –

Powerful, great, gracious, loving, amazing, beautiful, mighty, all-knowing, magnificent, living, redeeming, lovely, forgiving, caring, brilliant, omnipotent, supreme, miraculous, marvellous, incredible, worthy, precious, important, splendid, majestic, righteous, noble and pure love.

It’s as if I can’t find the words to describe exactly how much this name means to me. It’s a constant source of help and love and forgiveness. When it feels like the world’s kicked me down, I say it out loud, or whisper it to myself and all of a sudden everything changes, my heart lifts, my eyes see all the good and the bad fades away the same way dust would when blown off an old book. It’s a name I was brought up to know came above all others, a name that I could use for protection and a name I could always depend on. A name that falls off my lips with tenderness because of how much I appreciate being able to call upon it.

And I could never repay my parents for teaching me it, for helping me realise it’s the most important name, the most beautiful.

And when I look at it, it’s as if I can see faith and hope and love spilling on the edges of the page it’s written on, the sign it’s printed on.

See for yourself.



Sincerely, Adolescent.






A Movie Marathon

Hello, hello, hello!
So I’ve had a pretty awesome day. Basically, my friends came over and we had a horror movie marathon. It was during the day, but nevertheless, it was just as scary as watching the same movies in the dead of night. We managed to watch 2 movies and that’s because they were both a little long.

Here are my reviews:


Okay, so to start it was immediately captivating. It grabs your attention straightaway, unlike The Grudge, which I recommend you don’t watch if you haven’t already. Anyway, it was interesting and scary enough to make me shiver at times, but the fact that the ‘spirits’ and the thing that kills everyone didn’t look real affected the scare factor of the movie. Some parts looked too fake and to some extent, a little funny. But I loved the concept and the way the whole idea was sustained with little details and those details were what made it horrificly cool. My rating – 7.5/10


Now we’re talking hectic scary, like actual I-Will-Have-Nightmares-For-The-Next-Century scary. And I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. The whole atmosphere of the movie just screamed (haha, get it? It screamed. LOL) horror, mystery and murder. The characters had so much depth and the effects were amazing, and looked real. I think what I loved most and thought was a really smart choice was that it was set in Old England, in the mid 1900’s. The history incorporated to sustain the mystery aspect was also something that kept you hooked and in suspense the whole way through. Also, Daniel Radcliffe is the main character and I literally love him, like I fangirled internally throughtout the movie even though I was petrified and my bones were shaking. My rating – 9/10

 So yes. I would strongly recommend that you go out and watch The Woman in Black if you haven’t already and want to scare yourself till you pee in your pants.


Sincerely, Adolescent.

The World Of Instagram

Hello, hello, hello!
Today, I entered into a world of the most elite, classy people.


I must say, they welcomed me with open arms. 6 likes in total for 2 selfies.
I’m quite chuffed.
And I feel like a professional photographer already.
I’m thinking of posting a picture of the big tree outside my window, with the caption, “Life’s too short.”
Because you know. I have to fit in with the other photographers that post deep, meaningful shit.

Sincerely, Adolescent.